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The Malbaški Private Health Care Institution was founded by Svetislav Malbaški, MD, Dsc, specialist in pediatrics and nephrology, in April, 1994.

One of the first health institutions in Montenegro, began its work as a pediatric and nephrology office. It very quickly turned into a place where patients from all Montenegro gathered. 

First known as a pediatric and nephrology office, it also became a family doctor place where Dr Malbaški invested his highly professional knowledge and practitioner's experience, and where the most eminent doctors from Montenegro work as consultants there.

Laboratory diagnostic methods are given a special attention and the Malbaški Biochemical Laboratory was opened in 2003. A team of three employees, a specialist in biochemistry and two nurses, provide the highest quality diagnosing. In our laboratory patients can be advised by a specialist in clinical biochemistry.

Our patients have always been able either to be visited by doctors at home or be advised by telephone...

Malbaški Health Care Institution functions as a polyclinic now and thanks to carefully selected team of doctors and nurses they provide the best quality services both to children and adults.

In several months we will be marking 20 years of our faculty’s successful operating. In the following years we want to widen the range of our services and as we are now, be recognized for highly trained medical staff with the highest human and ethical standards applied towards our patients. 


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